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It is great to see that you have started with your course sessions. We hope you enjoy your sessions and gain the knowledge you have enrolled for.

We would like to introduce you to the Circle of 30

The day you receive this Welcome Letter on Whats App is marked as the 1st day of your 30 days. Within these 30 days, if you wish to join any other course with Globus Talent, you can enrol and get a special discount on the total fees of the course you join.

No one else is eligible for this concession on other courses except you and your close friends or relatives. You can consider this letter as a Concession Letter and can make good use of it within 30 days. You can contact us on 9920925666 / 9920782513 for further details.

Thank you and Keep Learning!

Best regards,

Globus Talent

Please find below the list of courses under Globus Talent Conglomerate along with Welcome Letter Offers.

Welcome Letter Offer
Valid for next 30 days

Rs. 5,000/- off on every Combo Course you join.
Rs. 3,000/- off on every Non-Combo Course you join.
Additional Rs.3,000/- off if you opt for Online Lectures.

Graphology Current Fee Structure

Basic Graphology: Rs.14,400/-
Advanced Graphology: Rs.15,300/-
Basic & Advanced Graphology: Rs.29,700/-
Expert Graphology - Health: Rs.18,300/-
Expert Graphology - Danger Signs: Rs.18,300/-
Expert Graphology - CR & CH: Rs.18,300/-
Graphology - All Expert Levels: Rs.54,900/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Graphology

Basic Graphology: Not Applicable
Advanced Graphology: Not Applicable
Basic & Advanced Graphology: Rs.24,700/-
Basic & Advanced Graphology LIVE: Rs.21,700/-
Expert Graphology - Health: Not Applicable
Expert Graphology - Danger Signs: Not Applicable
Expert Graphology - CR & CH: Not Applicable
Graphology - All Expert Levels: Rs.49,900/-
Graphology - All Expert Levels LIVE: Rs.46,900/-

Numerology Current Fee Structure

Basic Numerology: Rs.14,400/-
Advanced Numerology: Rs.15,300/-
Basic & Advanced Numerology: Rs.29,700/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Numerology

Basic Numerology: Not Applicable
Advanced Numerology: Not Applicable
Basic & Advanced Numerology: Rs.24,700/-
Basic & Advanced Numerology LIVE: Rs.21,700/-

Face Reading Current Fee Structure

Basic Face Reading: Rs.14,400/-
Advanced Face Reading: Rs.15,300/-
Basic & Advanced Face Reading: Rs.29,700/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Face Reading

Basic Face Reading: Not Applicable
Advanced Face Reading: Not Applicable
Basic & Advanced Face Reading: Rs.24,700/-
Basic & Advanced Face Reading LIVE: Rs.21,700/-

Tarot Fee Structure

Tarot Course: Rs.29,700/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Tarot

Tarot Course: Rs.26,700/-
Tarot Course LIVE: Rs.23,700/-

Statement Analysis Fee Structure

Statement Analysis Course: Rs.18,300/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Statement Analysis

Statement Analysis Course: Rs.15,300/-
Statement Analysis Course LIVE: Rs.12,300/-

Dream Analysis Fee Structure

Dream Analysis Course: Rs.18,300/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis Course: Rs.15,300/-
Dream Analysis Course LIVE: Rs.12,300/-

Body Language Fee Structure

Body Language Course: Rs.18,300/-

Welcome Letter Offer on Body Language

Body Language Course: Rs.15,300/-
Body Language Course LIVE: Rs.12,300/-

Pocket Quick

Learn - Revise - Update: Rs.5,000/-
(1st Year Subscription to Pocket Quick)

Welcome Letter Offer on Pocket Quick

Learn - Revise - Update: Rs.3,000/-
(1st Year Subscription to Pocket Quick)

Please Note:

​The offer is valid for you & your friends/relatives only.
Reach us on 9920782513 for more details.