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Spoken Mystery course

Spoken Mystery is a well-developed course based on Statement Analysis. It is the process of analyzing a person's words and statements to see if the person is being truthful or deceptive. Statement Analysis is used mainly by F.B.I. and police departments in many countries. By learning this course, you will learn various techniques of how to get closer to the deceptive person. 

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Dream Analysis Course

In a course like Dream Analysis, you learn the correct method of analyzing dreams and interpreting them. This course helps you bridge the gap between what a person sees in the dream and what is the real meaning behind that dream. Dreams are complex but once you learn the art of analyzing dreams, it becomes easy to unfold the mystery behind dreams.


Body Language Course

Body Language Course focuses on body movement, gestures, and facial expressions. With this powerful course, you not only learn to decode other people's hidden emotions and personality traits but also learn to develop your own skills of how to control your own body language. It will help you build a better image of your personality and create a better impression in front of others.

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