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Welcome to Graphology SWOT

Finally, Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting has come up with an amazing platform for Graphology Reports. Graphology SWOT platform is not just an ordinary platform like any other Graphology Report making platform. This is the only platform in India to value SWOT Analysis and connect it with Handwriting Analysis to give Graphology Report which not only helps the individuals but also the corporate clients for assessing their employees.

What is Graphology SWOT+?

Graphology SWOT+ is a membership service started by Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting. This membership allows the Students of World School of Handwriting to get Graphology SWOT Report with extra benefits.

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Benefits of Graphology SWOT+

  • For the outside world, one has to pay Rs.999/- for each Graphology SWOT Report. Graphology SWOT+ Membership allows you to get the same report for Rs.299/- only.
  • Every Graphology SWOT Report has branding on it. Graphology SWOT+ Membership allows you to get the same report without our branding. 
  • Graphology SWOT+ 1-Year Membership is available for Rs,3,000/- and 3-Years Membership is available for 5,000/-. Register now and get access to use it in next 24 hours. We will send you the access link along with your login password on your registered email address.