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Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting covers all the aspects of Graphology which includes Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis, Drawing Analysis, Doodle Analysis, Colour Analysis & Brand Logo Analysis and thus a complete package is provided to the students who enroll for Basic & Advance Graphology Course.

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Face Reading

Face Reading is an ancient system of understanding a person’s character from his or her facial features. Every facial feature has corresponding meanings, and your face is a physical-emotional map of who you are and where you are going. Learn the art of face reading and use it in your daily life to understand humans better. It not only helps you in your personal relations but also in daily business dealings, partnerships, when meeting a stranger and in situations where you just don't know anything about the person.

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Body Language

Body Language is a separate course at Face Reading Institute. Body language is a kind of nonverbal communication, where thoughts, intentions, or feelings are expressed by physical behaviors, such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space. Body Language Course at Face Reading Institute helps you develop your skills to analyze the body language of the people you come in contact with, in your day to day life.

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All of us are surrounded by Numbers and whether you believe it or not, numbers do influence our lives. At World School of Numerology, we will not teach you anything magical but we will teach you the right knowledge of numbers and the power behind it. Numerology plays a major role in lives of many people and thus it is not less than a magic. If you gain and use the right knowledge of numbers along with your hard work and dedication, the power of numbers will definitely support you in every major step of success.

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Dream Analysis

Dream Quest India covers all the aspects of Dream Analysis & Interpretation which includes finer details right from understanding sleep, connection of reality with dreams to infrequent phenomena in dreams. Thus a complete package is provided to the students who enroll for Dream Analysis & Interpretation Course.

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Spoken Mystery

Every word and every statement spoken reveals the attitude of the speaker. At Spoken Mystery, you learn to analyze words and statements. Enroll yourself for Words & Statement Analysis Course of Spoken Mystery to learn the secrets behind spoken words and statements.

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